This is Juan β€” charcuterie-enthusiast and Novel resident. πŸ‘‹ A few things Juan loves about his home: the friendly staff, ❀️ rooftop amenities, πŸ™οΈ access to the waterfront, πŸŒ… and having @abc_pony right downstairs. 😏

Learn more: https://t.co/tGah4nyVEG https://t.co/ogvGv2QmqV
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One of our favorite amenities at Novel is β€” you guessed it β€” our library. πŸ“š And we’ve been working on diversifying our shelves so it’s a ready resource for our residents and team. ❀️ Are there authors and titles you’d like to see on our shelves? https://t.co/8JwlvTZaP0 novelDC photo

Wake up on the right side of the bed at Novel πŸ›οΈ β€” even on the Monday after a long weekend. βœ”οΈ Schedule a self-guided tour to find your dream home: https://t.co/tGah4nyVEG https://t.co/cwOvtkZ4dj novelDC photo

This view always sparks joy, but fireworks take it to the next level. πŸŽ†β˜οΈ Wishing everyone a safe and scenic #FourthOfJuly! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ https://t.co/DQo3U1U1cS novelDC photo

Our morning motto: better latte than never. β˜• Start your day with breakfast & a brew from our favorite neighbor, @abc_pony. 🐴 Check out their menu: https://t.co/il5aT6lAM3 https://t.co/PhrnVCmoGt novelDC photo

Inter-ruff-ting your day to bring you adorable dog content. πŸ•

Find a home your best friend will love just as much as you do. 🐢 ❀️ Schedule a live tour and Q&A with our leasing team to learn more about Novel’s pet-friendly amenities: https://t.co/tGah4nyVEG https://t.co/mC5oDYoABA