The novel story

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There Was A Community vision

Purpose-driven, experienced, and human-focused, the partnership of Crescent Communities and RCP Development Company brought Novel to Southeast DC to create a welcome gathering place for residents and visitors alike. Supporting a goal of neighborhood inclusivity alongside work-from-home convenience, Novel South Capitol redefines luxury living with flexible co-working, dining, socializing, and more—all within steps of Washington’s hottest attractions and close to transportation links across the region.

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And Attention to every detail

Through careful consideration of texture, light, and flow, the design team pushed the boundaries to create a warm, welcoming space that feels simultaneously crisp and modern. Where bright metallic accents are softened by cascading water and bold mid-century angles are softened by comfortable fabrics, the details grab attention and invite visitors to settle in. The result is a modern, sophisticated backdrop layered with texture and color to delight, surprise, and welcome.

We Blurred The Lines

More and more, the lines are blurred between work, play, and home. We want privacy and comfort, but connection to the urban center. We’ve shed the office, but want to step away from home. Novel combines the social gathering spot, the sparkling rooftop pool, the extensive co-working suite, and life’s essential conveniences with spaces to host, spaces to chill, spaces to work out, and spaces to live…and wrapped all of them around your own private oasis.

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Now On to the next chapter

At Novel South Capitol, we set the scene. It’s time for you to come write your story. Join us.

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